Have Your Car Work for you While on Vacation

Right now, you’re bored with your routine and burned out from working long hard hours- you could really use a break. And you can picture that escape – endless snowy white beaches glittering in the golden sunlight, accompanied by the sounds of bright ocean waves rhythmically crashing against the shore. You can almost smell the salty air and taste the sweet piña colada on your lips.

The problem with this fantasy is that you are a little too low on cash right now to get to paradise. But what if I told you there’s a really easy way to make back the money you spend on your vacation?


All you have to do is drop your car off at the airport as you normally would, and make money through having your car rented out by our professional team at MyCarYourRental. The best part is that after you sign up, everything is done for you, and it doesn’t interfere with your convenience in any way! How can you get started? It’s super simple:


Step 1: Sign up and get FREE airport parking

When you sign up with MyCarYourRental, you leave your car at the airport and we manage the whole process for you. This means that you avoid the costs of parking at the airport, which often add up quickly.


Step 2: We rent out your car for you

While you’re gone, we do all of the hard work of renting out your car to local Kiwis and tourists who will pay to use your car while you’re gone. Your car will be checked before and after each rental to make sure that it remains in exactly as it was when it was rented out. Most importantly, our service means that you won’t have to worry about any damage, theft, or extreme weather conditions. Your vehicle will be rented out under our watchful eye and is driven by people who are properly insured.


Step 3: Lean back and earn money


This last step includes kicking back, relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer on your vacation while it pays itself back, rental after rental. When you finally get back, all fresh and fruity, your car will be waiting for you right where you left it at the airport. What’s not to like?


Start packing your bags and sign up here!


–     Aria, MyCarYourRental

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