3 Ways to get more convenient car rental in Auckland

MyCarYourRental has been renting out 1000’s of cars over the past years to visitors arriving in Auckland. We’ve asked our renter what makes it so different to rent a privately owned car instead of one of a big cooperate, Here are the top 3 main reasons:

  1. It’s just so easy.

When you need a rental car, you simply search on MyCarYourRental, entering the address or location from where you need a car from and you’ll see the huge selection nearby. If you don’t care what you drive, simple just book a miscellaneous vehicle and we’ll allocate a car to you.

2: I save time every time I rent.

When arriving at Auckland airport or the bus terminal, the owner will meet you when you arrive and collect you right from the kerb or where ever you arranged to meet. You are in the car you will be renting, ready to go with your bags and family. No annoying time waste on a transfer bus to get to the rental car!

3: I know exactly what car to expect and I get what I need.

You always know what car you will get. When you book a Corolla or a Porsche from a private owner, what you see is what you get. There are no nasty surprises that you think you booked a BMW and you end up with a Toyota (or a Tesla). It is one to one car rental where you get the car owners own car, not just a fleet vehicle.




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