7 Hacks for AirBnB Hosts to Boost Success, Reputation, and Profits

Air BnB Hacks

As an AirBnB host, you may already be enjoying impressive success levels thanks to the popularity of this accommodation option. However, there is always room for improvement and with the right strategies, you can maximize the income you make. There are a number of hacks that can help to boost your popularity as well as your reputation amongst travelers. You can then look forward to higher success levels, a solid reputation, and the chance to bring in more money. So, let’s take a look at the simple yet effective hacks designed to boost your success, reputation, and bottom line.

Top hacks to aid your success as an AirBnB host






Some of the top hacks to aid your success as an AirBnB host include:

  1. Make sure you respond in a timely manner: Be responsive, it will pay off. If you make sure you reply quickly this will show up on your profile. One of the things that annoy guests the most is to have to wait for responses, especially if the request is for the near future. The quicker you respond to requests, the better response time you will get shown front end and the more likely you are to get even more requests.
  1. Make the experience special: Do something special to your room that your guests didn’t expect. This doesn’t need to cost you much – if anything at all. Did you bake muffins at the weekend? Leave a couple of muffins for the guests when they arrive so they can enjoy and get the feeling of being at home. If you don’t have any baking ready, don’t worry – you can always give free recommendations.
  1. Add a personal touch: Leave the local paper in the guest room. You might think it’s so boring to read about the local dance group doing a performance in the park, but a lot of guests love to know what is going on in your area and it adds a personal touch. If there are some recurring events on in your area (Sunday markets or similar), make sure you leave a bit of information about this in the room – if it’s local it adds value to your guests’ stay and it all comes back to getting better ratings for the stay. This will increase demand for your place and the value of it.
  1. Give away coupons/ discounts: You could go to your local cafe and ask them if they would be interested in shouting a free cup of coffee if you send the guests there. This will add value to their business and they will most likely honour you for doing it as well. Suggest that you get some vouchers for the establishment and mark them so both you and the cafe knows that you are actually sending people there. They could potentially reward you by paying commission or maybe a free brunch after six months.
  1. Provide useful suggestions: Providing useful suggestions to your guests is another great idea. This includes using other local peer-to-peer concepts. Most guests in the bigger cities need transportation either when they arrive or depart. Why not recommend the AirBnB for cars: MyCarYourRental.com? This is a site where you can list your private car for rent so others can make use of it, just like AirBnB – but for cars. This site will even honour you with a referral bonus if your guests rent through the site.
  1. Bring on board local suppliers and professionals: Think about up-selling and bringing local professionals and suppliers on board. If you have a favourite jam or honey that you can get locally, you could ask the producer to resell the products. This can apply to anything from consumables to local art. An artist may be interested in supplying picture(s) for your room and you can earn a commission if your guest(s) likes it while the artist gets publicity and exposure.
  1. “Sell” extra services: As mentioned before, MyCarYourRental is a great example, as it is like AirBnB but for cars. It’s free to list your car and when your guests book your space you can mention to them that you also have your car for rent if they need to get around the local area. Not only do you offer a service that many appreciate, but you also make an extra income. If you haven’t discovered this option yet, check it out as soon as possible. Some hosts make around $5000+ extra each year renting out their car as well as the room!

Start raking in the big bucks

All of these hacks are designed to make the customer experience more pleasurable and convenient as well as to earn you more respect and money from your venture. The great thing is that these hacks are extremely easy to implement yet can have a huge positive impact. So, you can start raking in the big bucks while also providing your customers with a well-rounded and memorable experience.

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