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So, you have just registered and become a member of the MyCarYourRental community!! Great! Welcome!

Now it’s time to list for rent the vehicles you have sitting around collecting dust and start collecting some extra moolah. It makes perfect cents! Why not let your unused car pay for its own rego and warrant?

Something is holding you back?

Like so many other kiwis, you may have some concerns and worries over the whole process and how well you car will be looked after while it is being rented out.

Let me give you some down to earth facts from a local Kiwi perspective…

Firstly, I know that not all of us locals have full or any kind of cover on our car. Renting your car out to a stranger can be quite daunting because you have no idea who they are as a person or how well they drive. Thankfully this crowd have taken all of this into perspective. Every single car that is successfully rented out on has FULL cover insurance during the booked time.

They have even included 24/7 Roadside Assistance! Talk about peace of mind for both the renter and the owner of a car. If you get stuck on the motorway (God forbid) or if you left the lights on and the battery is flat, all you need to do is grab your phone, make a quick call and a hero will be out to save you ASAP! The only thing you need to do is sit back, enjoy the scenery (if there is any) and check out the new competitions and statuses on their facebook page while you’re waiting 😉 It also means that if you have an accident where you watched your rental roll down the hill because you forgot to put the hand-break on you are covered! The only bummer would be that you (the renter-of course) has to pay the excess, but that’s better than forking out for a whole new car by far! Just remember that the insurance ONLY begins from the moment the keys are handed over to the second the keys are returned.

Secondly, the team have promoted themselves in being committed to ensuring your safety. Systems have been erected at the beginning starting with your sign up. No one can rent a car out until they have undergone a series of quick and easy tests. When you enter your license number into their database you automatically give permission for them to do a couple quick verification checks. This helps MyCarYourRental help others build trust in you as a person. You must have a FULL license to rent any car. They also verify profile members via facebook and google accounts too. Because MyCarYourRental is built on trust these are super important as the more accredited your account is the more likely others will want to deal with you.

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