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Peer to Peer Car Rentals Vs Other Car Rental and Sharing Concepts

The Peer to Peer car rental concept is far different from the conventional car rental methods of rental from a ‘company’ as such. It’s a new concept to New Zealand that has recently successfully launched and is catching on fast!

Peer to Peer basically means that instead of dealing directly with big scary brand names with millions of contracts and paperwork, you are dealing with every day people just like you! Your peers could even be a neighbour, the local delivery man, the owner of the corner shop or even your child’s teacher! It could really be anyone!

They use to list their unused car specifically for other peers to rent out. Hence where the name of the peer to peer concept comes from.

By choosing a rental car from your peer you are giving back to the community on a number of levels.

Economically, you are helping to support Kiwis financially. I know personally that it feels awesome giving money to other everyday people as opposed to big companies that use that money for massive bill boards or fancy chairs in a reception waiting room.

You are even supporting the Clean Green Kiwi Living standards by reducing the forever increasing number of extra cars on the road by using a car that’s already there.

Secondly, you actually get to meet others who live in your local proximity. You get the opportunity given to you to actually have a conversation and talk to them on a one to one basis, build trust and create a friendship. Who knows it could even lead to something else? LOL! When meeting others you can rest assured that all monetary transactions and ‘paperwork’ (including insurance) is all handled online through the site to establish a safer and secure foundation and guarantees payment to the owner of the car. Each member has a profile page too where you can rate and comment on each transaction that occurs. You can also see what rate the other person has been verified by the team if no previous transactions have taken place. They have a number of checks they undergo to help verify each member and provide you with a high level of comfort in making your decision to deal with each member. I think that’s so important and fantastic that they have you at the top of their concerns list.

The only paperwork you will need to undergo is the car condition report when picking up the keys and handing them over. This is to make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the vehicles condition is exactly the same when you picked up and returned it so no conflict can arise later on.

Car Sharing

Car sharing and using taxi sharing options are also fantastic concepts, however, at times can be quite annoying. Imagine sharing a car with someone who is going in the same direction then realising that on top of all your groceries in the boot that you forgot to buy some milk! Eek! Or, you just drove past a big sign outside your favourite store saying everything is 90% off (we can only dream right?)! It could get quite awkward to ask the driver if he could pull over for half an hour and wait for you to take your time bargain hunting through the store with all your groceries in the boot. Especially knowing that someone has shared the ride with you is waiting too. I would most definitely just go home and find another way back there later or forget about the hassle. With MyCarYourRental you can actually just rent a car for a couple of hours or even half a day allowing you to shop, shop, shop with peace and mind and no pressure. It’s fantastic! You only pay for the hours you choose to rent the car, not a full day rate too! You couldn’t ask for anything better because its sitting here on a silver platter .

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